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Just wanted to point out that I’ve posted a bucketful of new links to the sidebar of DVA, which tap in to my personal cellar of great photographers, blogs, agencies, news sources and resources. It is a goal of ours to have a well-curated list of the interesting and important work we’re aware of, and to share it with all of you. Please feel free to send us your suggestions, either of your own work or something you’ve found, and we’ll consider adding it to the list. Our emails are over to the right.

Here are a few selects from the recent additions, which I’d imagine are new to most of you and an example of our diversity:

New Italian gallery/lab project CESURALAB, art directed by Alex Majoli

The work of my friend here in Seattle Katia Roberts at David Alan Harvey’s Emerging Photographers Fund

Italian photographer Ivo Saglietti

Hungarian photographer Tomas Dezso

A photo exhibition contest from Kosovo: The Gjon Mili Prize, which M. Scott has exhibited in.

And last but not least the Work and the Blog of photographer Michael Rubenstein.

I hope you take some time to explore the links and find something new.

One Response to “New Links”

  1. Katia Roberts

    hey, matt, thanks for the plug! 🙂

    the two of you have a really great blog here.
    i’ve got you bookmarked and will visit when time allows.
    keep it up!


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