Lise Sarfati and the Fashion Magazine

Another Magnum Blog related post, with a discussion going on chaired by Alec Soth: Should Magnum Do Fashion?

But I think we should go straight to the source: Lise Sarfati: Fashion Magazine

M. Scott has been singing in my ear about her work for years and I’ve definitely come to appreciate her work deeply … something about the process reminds me of Eggleston too. I don’t think it is something like an acquired taste .. it is more you just grow in to knowing how damn good the pictures are.



Of course, there is a discussion to be had about how she is taking her ‘normal style’ to a fashion project, not to mention the use of nonmodels who have previously appeared in other more documentary Sarfati pictures (for more on this see the blog discussion). I’ve previously complained about Lauren Greenfield’s tendency to do that too. Somehow, though, it feels alright with Sarfati here, probably because these images (and the Magazine itself) are not actually advertisements but closer to art or satire. Or at least I think so (it isn’t marketed as a ‘real’ fashion magazine, I don’t think?).

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