It’s business time.

Fall means promos for photographers and Tim Gruber‘s had some great links recently on his blog. See, for instance, Articles for photographers looking to become more business savvy, Getting Past the Photo Editor’s Door, Ask an Art Buyer: Promotion, and quite a few more. One of my favorites of his recent posts, a link to a New York Times article about high-end call girls, pulls the incredibly useful quote below:

“When someone pays her $1,250 an hour, he gets exactly what he would for $200, her rate when she started out. The difference is psychological, she explained, “Tell a guy you’re $100 and they’ll treat you one way — tell them you’re $1,500 and they’ll treat you better.”

And while we’re on the subject, here’s Tim Gruber’s recent promo card design candidates.

I’ll add one more link to Gruber’s collection. Photoshelter CEO Allen Murabayashi just wrote an article for called “How To Fail as a Photographer”. Good advice and worth a look, but there’s a bit of irony to be had given the recent failure of Murabayashi’s stock house, the Photoshelter Collection.

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  1. timg

    Hey Scott,

    Thanks for the love. Hopefully the links can help a few people as more and more of us start to explore the world of freelance.

    Enjoy the blog.


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