How Not To Do It

My old friend Michael P. King sent me a link to this preposterous tv show on ‘war photographers’ yesterday.

I’m pretty sure I hate this. And I definitely don’t like these photographers’ work. Certainly, it puts Nachtwey and his movie ‘War Photographer’ in an even more respectable light (as if that were needed). Without tearing this entirely apart (I could go on and on), an example: just pay attention to how the two photographers in this CW TV show interact with their subjects, and how much they actually know about what is going on around them. What makes Jim Nachtwey the better, more important, photographer is that he is so much more knowledgeable and engaged with the subject. He obviously is more empathetic and his pictures show it. He knows more. His work matters more.

Whether this is reality or not (I don’t know these photographers personally nor their whole body of work): this program makes these photographers look like invasive idiots.

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  1. M. Scott Brauer

    Dang….only available to stream in the US. I’ll take your word that it’s pretty bad.

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