Dvafoto’s deadline calendar

dvafoto's deadline calendar

Just wanted to let everyone know about the google calendar we have here at dvafoto with photojournalism related deadlines (contests, calls for exhibition, etc.). You can view it online and there’s also an xml feed and ical feed. There’s also a text list in the righthand sidebar of dvafoto.com. The calendar’s by no means complete or exhaustive, but it’s meant to be another resource for photographers looking to do a little self-promotion.

I’ve just updated the calendar with a couple more entries, by the way. World Press just announced the dates for registration (Dec. 1, 2008) and final deadline for submission (Jan. 15, 2009). Also, the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar contest deadline is coming up quick (Nov. 12, mail-in only…booo)

4 Responses to “Dvafoto’s deadline calendar”

  1. Jaime San Martin

    Hey guys just wanted to congratulate you for your great site. It’s good to see things like this on the web; being a fellow young photojournalist myself, this comes as a very useful reference about the directions to take in the profession.
    I started with another photographer a similar thing in the year 2006 (on blogger) and we are aiming to launch our website as well pretty soon (it’s all in Spanish, though).
    By the way, your google calendar idea is top.

  2. Jared Soares

    Wanted to thank you guys for the important dates and the daily dose of inspiration.

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