Dreaming of Oslo

After posting that video last night of Jonas Bendiksen giving an interview in the Oslo Harbor, followed by my good friend Jon Cazenave posting a comment about our time in Oslo in the Magnum workshop with Paolo, I got a wee bit nostalgic and pulled out some of the pictures I shot that fantastic week last March. This even helped motivate me to finally put together a “Recent Work” portfolio on my personal website, www.mattlutton.com, with a few of the Oslo pictures.

Fjord near Oslo, Norway. March 2008. Trams in Oslo, Norway. March 2008

The week was terribly cold and utterly exhausting, but it was wholly amazing and life-changing too. Never before was I surrounded by such passionate and talented people, among them Jon, and I know that it has pushed me in my work. /gush

Oslo Harbor and Ferries. March 2008.

So go have a look at the new sections of my website, the Recent Work and Clips. And stay tuned … I have a great interview to publish real soon .. with none other than Jon Cazenave!

2 Responses to “Dreaming of Oslo”

  1. jon

    ei matt….
    the second photo of your “recent work” section is just…….


    what to say about the one of the patient of the mental hospital… wow!!! you are saying it all man… i can see everything without even looking to his eyes…
    excellent matt, excellent!!!!!

  2. Edward Varnado

    Thank you ever so for you blog.Really thank you! Cool.

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