Antonin Kratochvil does Moscow

My electronic ‘friends’ at recently gave me a ‘personal recommendation’ for a new Antonin Kratochvil book: Moscow Nights. I hadn’t heard any updates about this in awhile, so thanks for letting me know it is now available for pre-order. I do wonder about it saying ‘Moskow’ on the cover though.

I remember seeing this story when it came out, I think in Vanity Fair. Have a look over at the VII website: Moscow Nights. I remember reading then that it would turn in to a book, sounds like it finally happened. Cool project, can’t wait to see the book and hopefully add it to my collection (I have three others from AK).

Someday maybe we can get M. Scott to share some of his Antonin stories. For those who don’t know him or his work, he’s an amazing, larger than life figure in photography. A living legend and utterly unique. And there is the reputation to go along with it. I only met him once at a VII event in New York but he has been an archetype for me since.. for one, just look at him. I doubt any photographer wears the scarf better.

(c) Antonin Kratochvil

Also, check out Antonin’s New Website designed by A Photo Folio, which is owned/run by Rob Haggart (A Photo Editor).

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