A golden age for newspapers….in Dubai

There’ s an interesting article on the LA Times website about the huge growth of newspapers in the United Arab Emirates.  A fascinating read, given the worst year yet for American newspapers (11,000 layoffs and counting, according to the Paper Cuts map).  The National, Dubai’s leading English-language newspaper, has a team of expat journalists in the Emirate, and employs a number of foreign correspondents, as well.  One of my favorite photographers Rich-Joseph Facun just moved to Dubai to work for a newspaper there and he’s just updated his blog with a few morsels of his new life and work in the Middle East.  In one post, about his departure from the US, he writes “I never once thought the day would come when I would leave the States in search of a better life for my family. That day has come and went. With the failing economy and the disabling newspaper industry I made the leap to another country where the economy is not only stable but prospering.”  Here’s hoping for the best!

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