Worth a look: Rob Hornstra

Rob Hornstra - from the series The Georgian-Abkhaz conflict 2007

Just came across the work of Rob Hornstra, whose doing some great work in the former Soviet Union. His site’s a little weird to navigate, but click on “Portfolio” on the top of the page. I’ve only looked through 101 Billionaires 2008 and Georgian-Abkhaz conflict 2007, but I love it. Hyperrealist color, presented simply and straightforwardly. It’s detached and thoughtful. Really great, I think, but maybe a bit too artsy for some. Found via Conscientious.

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  1. dvafoto - M. Scott Brauer and Matt Lutton › Joerg talks to Rob Hornstra

    […] a great interview over at Conscientious with Rob Hornstra (previously mentioned on dva). Hornstra talks about his approach, the separation (or not) between documentary and fine […]

  2. Worth a Listen: Rob Hornstra on funding projects | dvafoto

    […] We’ve mentioned photographer Rob Hornstra and his unorthodox and perhaps revolutionary ideas on funding his book projects before. He is currently working on a project about Sochi, Russia and the run-up to the next Winter Olympics, funding the trips via crowd-sourced donations (see link for more info). He discusses his ideas and methods about funding his own project on the New York Photo Festival’s website, and its a nice thing to hear. Inspiring. Page from Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen's promo for The Sochi Project There is also a small slideshow of posters he put up around Rome during an exhibition there, which is a cool thing to see and harkens to my old post Bringing Photos Back to the Street. […]

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