Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Spent a long, tough day at Nic Madrazo’s funeral. Haven’t really looked at the pictures yet, maybe tomorrow. I’ll share when I can.

I read M. Scott’s post (a couple below this) about the pollution caused by used consumer electronics. He had a link to a National Geographic story about industry in Ghana where they burn coated electrical wire to expose the valuable metal filament and sell it for scrap. As it turns out, I stumbled upon the very same situation in May when I was in a small town in Bosnia near Sarajevo, visiting my good friend Jasmin Brutus in his hometown of Visoko. Same town, if you know your odd history, of the Bosnian Pyramids which I photographed in ’07.

So, here’s one of my pictures from that scene. A old man digs in the dirt for scrap metal. He even has a pacemaker.

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  1. M. Scott Brauer

    I’d forgotten about that, though I remember the pictures. Guess I didn’t put two and two together…. Great time to show it.

  2. Jeremy M. Lange

    I am truly sorry to hear about your friend Nic.
    These wars hit so few of us on a personal level, especially those at of us in the US, not covering the fighting or without loved ones serving.
    Been working through some of the same emotion that you spoke of myself over the last year or 2 and trying to work it out through photography as well.
    There are few issues to me as important as the effects of the Middle Eastern wars on the families of those serving and on the soldiers who return that get less coverage and are more ignored by many in the public sphere.
    Best of luck to you and to Nic’s family, my sincerest condolences.

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