Upcoming Deadlines: Blue Earth Alliance, Aftermath Project, CPOY

Been a busy day round these parts, and I couldn’t say to expect this much blog activity from me on a usual basis, but I will be trying. One regular feature we want to offer here at the new DVAFOTO is links and reminders to upcoming deadlines for photo awards, grants, etc. Besides keeping tabs on the Photoshelter news today, I am busy preparing my proposal for the Blue Earth Alliance sponsorship.

DEADLINE: Postmark (no online submissions) by September 21, 2008. $60 entry fee for non-members. Full submission details.

This is something of an atypical award. The ‘winners’ will be brought in to partnership with this non-profit organization and given support by means of 501(c)3 nonprofit eligibility, a grant writer, access to mailing lists and some promotion. There is no cash prize, no publication, just sponsorship. But this is still a significant opportunity: with Blue Earth taking ‘fiscal accountability’ comes the chance, as the Submission Guidelines point out: “As a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status, Blue Earth is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions from private foundations, individuals, or other entities.”

For example, the project I am preparing for this entry takes place in a remote part of Russia and deals with environmental, oil and social concerns. It is of course ripe for Blue Earth’s aim of “sponsor[ing] photographic projects whose goal is to educate the public about endangered cultures, threatened environments, or current topics of social concern.” The real boon is that with the non-profit status of the Alliance, and their grant writer and help, I would be able to approach major international corporations (read: oil companies) for support — the very same ones operating in the region I hope to photograph — and appeal to their corporate vanity responsibility for documenting the effects of their operations.

See some of Blue Earth Alliance’s currently sponsored projects, which include work by both known and emerging photographers, notably (in my mind): Daniel Beltra, Jon Lowenstein and Stephanie Sinclair amongst many other fascinating projects by photographers I don’t know (yet). Also highly notable is the project Aftermath by Sara Terry, which focused on the post-war aftermath in Bosnia (a place dear to my own heart). More, her work there and commitment to the important idea of following up after the MSM (main stream media) have packed up from the ‘breaking news’ of a conflict have expanded into another award: College Photographer of the Year awards. Deadline: Friday September 26, 2008 (Free, online upload).

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