Small World (or, How Blogging Connects Us)

M. Scott added a new link recently to the blogroll over yonder, “Wandering & Wondering” by Ikuru Kuwajima. I surfed over earlier (great work Ikuru, I’m checking out his portfolio site right now) and saw a link in his blogroll to Andrei Pungovschi. That name seemed familiar. Sure enough, he is a chap I met here in Seattle last summer when he was interning with the Associated Press. He was introduced to me by my friend Eric Kayne (a recent addition to the blogroll too, you’ll see). So I go and check out Andrei’s blog and see a post titled Wedding Photography in which he is lauding the work of one Ben Chrisman (whose better work, in my opinion, can be found here on his photojournalism site). Turns out I’ve known of Ben for years, I believe we even met once upon a time in Los Angeles as part of a “Luau”, and I almost went and worked with him at a small paper in Northern New Mexico as an intern. I run in to his work every few months, and this time it was pretty funny how it came about. Small World.

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