Random Winogrand

If you didn’t get the drift from my post on Bruce Gilden yesterday, Winogrand is one of my favorites. While searching for that picture from ‘Public Relations’ I found a couple of other pictures of his I adore. The first is from his book “Winogrand 1964”,published posthumously, for which I’d kill for a copy. The second I can’t exactly confirm is a Winogrand but sure looks like it. Nice little find methinks…

(c) Garry Winogrand

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  1. rich-joseph

    man, i saw this book when it was first published in AZ. it was 35 bux. i was too broke to buy it at the time.

    i also saw the exhibit that went along with the book. it was shown at the University of AZ.

    best show i’ve ever seen! AMAZING to see his prints – they say so much more at 11×14 and 16×20 prints.

    anyway, i’m kickin myself now for not buying it back then. i even knew a girl who worked the bookstore at the gallery who offered me a discount but i still couldn’t afford it.

    oh well, least i have a ton of his other books.

    GW has always been one of my favorites since day one. glad to see someone else is down for his work too.

    rock on homie!

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