Photo caption humor and Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il inspected a collective farm and found some cute little pigs. He decided to take a picture with those pigs. That evening, a North Korean newspaper editor was put in the awkward situation of writing a caption for that picture to go in the paper.
“Well… ‘Comrade Kim Jong Il among pigs..’”
“No, ‘The pigs are with Comrade Kim Jong Il.’”
“That doesn’t work either.”
Finally, the paper was published the next day with the caption, ‘Comrade Kim Jong Il is third from the left.’

This collection of Chinese bloggers’ jokes about Kim Jong Il came to my attention during recent news of Kim Jong Il’s possible stroke. While I find some irony in the Chinese joking about state control of the media in North Korea, it’s not often I run across a joke involving current news and photo captions.

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