My essay on ‘I See A Darkness”

In some better news, I’m happy to share a link to a piece of work I’m pretty proud of. The music/literary blog This Recording approached me some weeks ago to write an essay about New York for their series on the city. The editor in chief, Alex Carnevale, had seen my New York project “I See A Darkness”, and wanted me to share my views about the city and how it comes through in the pictures.

The Statue of Liberty seen from the Staten Island Ferry

This project was started in 2005 when M. Scott and I were both living in New York as (unpaid) interns for the Black Star agency. As this essay says, I had no aims of creating a long-term project when I started shooting the streets as I went about my life in the city, but soon after leaving the city and looking at the work I had started I realized that I had started something that I had to continue working on. Over three years later I have this version of ‘I See A Darkness’, which is still growing and will hopefully be a book in the near-future. Please check back here (or, better, be in touch with me via email) for more info as that comes up.

Enough about it here, please go a see my essay In Which Thrust To The Fore New York Casts Its Own Shadow at This Recording. You’ll have a chance to learn more about my process as a photographer, my deep influences from Mikhail Bulgakov and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and even listen to some of the music from BpB’s album ‘I See a Darkness’.

New York's Chinatown, 11/07
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