All of Life soon to be online

W. Eugene Smith - from the essay "Country Doctor," originally published in Life magazine

This looks interesting.  Seems as though Life magazine will soon be publishing their archive online.  Right now, there’s just a placeholder page with a place to put your email for updates when the site adds content.  From the page: “Whatever you want to look at, whether it happened an hour ago, a century ago, or any time in between, you’ll be able to find it here quickly, easily, and for free.”  Sounds great to me.  (via fact: the first cover of Life (below) was shot in Montana by a female photographer, Margaret Bourke-White (wikipedia bio, some pictures).  While a couple of notable female photographers come to mind from that era, Dorothea Lange, for instance, I’d imagine the field of photojournalism back then was dominated by men back then even more so than today; makes me happy to think that beginning of the most important magazine in the history of photography was shot by Margaret Bourke-White.

Margaret Bourke-White - Fort Peck Dam, first cover of Life magazine.

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