Breaking News: Photoshelter Collection Shutting Down

Woke up this morning and checked my RSS feeds .. found a crazy little post from Photoshelter CEO Allen Murabayashi (found here) letting the community know that the Photoshelter Collection, which launched as a ‘more democratic stock photography marketplace’ roughly a year ago, was closing its doors.

Rather shocking news, doesn’t seem like many saw it coming (well.. maybe one person .. we’ll keep that private for now). M. Scott has been involved with the venture from day 1 and I joined up shortly there after, and I think I can speak for both of us in saying that it was a great team with passionate ideas running the show over there. That neither of us made any sales from PSC despite innumerable hours captioning and uploading hundreds of images to the Collection might have sent some warning to us that the model wasn’t working. Though, I am still happy for the significant boost I received when I won the Elevation 2008 award from them this spring.

More info: the Official Statement and some FAQ for Photographers

My thoughts are out to my friends there (Amber, Ashley, Rachel, and many more) who are out of work. As well as all my colleagues who have put so much work into establishing their archives there. Disappointing start of the day…

UPDATE (12pm) – Latest (last?!) post on Photoshelter Collection’s Shoot! the Blog by friend Rachel Hulin gives the good news that she will be continuing her photo-blogging missives at her new as-yet-unnamed blog hosted on her own site. Consider the blogroll updated! A Photography Blog. –

UPDATE (2pm) – PDN has a decent article up detailing the Photoshelter news today.

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