Bendiksen Speaks (about ‘The Places We Live’)

In my second ‘fanboy’ post of the night: A youtube clip of Jonas Bendiksen talking about, and walking through, his project The Places We Live that I mention again and again. Still, check this out: Jonas is charming and brilliant and you actually get to see what his remarkable exhibition/installation looks like.. this is the first time I’ve seen it ‘live’ and I’m blown away.

Great quote:

“I think it is really about how to stay relevant (…) The people who will really inherent photography in the future isn’t necessarily whoever takes the best picture, the best composition. I think it is whoever has the best ideas. Who has the most poignant stories to tell.”

Bonus: You’ll get to see the beautiful Oslo harbor … I was there in March, so pretty. Demerit: it is a Canon Europe video and he shills for the 5d a little bit. Oh well, I use the camera too, like it, and would take the sponsorship if it were available!

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  1. jon

    ei matt…
    you really hit me with this jonas post…
    seeing oslo again has made me think about those incredible days up there in the freezing norway. great man!!!
    and what to say about the quote… just great!!!
    thanks brother!!!

  2. Bendiksen’s The Places We Live in DC | dvafoto

    […] now and it “will travel next to cities in Europe and Asia.” But in lieu check out again this video of Bendiksen talking about the work (from the beautiful harbor in Oslo!). This was written by Matt Lutton. […]

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