Alixandra Fazzina: The Perils of Childbirth in Afghanistan

Alixandra Fazzina - Siamoy feeds her one-month old baby in Badakhshan, where a harsh landscape and lack of infrastructure have given rise to an astonishingly high rate of deaths during childbirth. In this distant corner of the world, for every 100,000 babies born, 6,500 women will die.

The above picture, from Alixandra Fazzina’s work for Time on maternal mortality in Badakhshan, Afghanistan, made me stop in my tracks. Beautiful tones, references to western art history, strong story telling. Wow. The rest of the essay, while good, doesn’t rise to the masterful level of this picture, but is well worth a look. A couple of other things strike me about the essay: it’s about women in Afghanistan and it’s not directly about the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. While I don’t know the circumstances of the shoot, hopefully this means that we’ll soon be seeing more work from outside the US military’s embedding system. There’s much more going on in Afghanistan right now, and the world needs to know about it. This is a great start.

While we’re on the subject of Time’s photo essays, it looks like there’s now (or maybe always was, I just didn’t notice it) an RSS feed for their photo section. Instant subscription.

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