Alan Chin at BAGnewsNotes: 9/11 Anniversary

Go over to BAGnewsNotes today to check out the terrific photographs of Alan Chin from this past Thursday’s anniversary of 9/11 in New York. “September 11, 2008: What Is Still ‘Ground Zero'”

What makes Chin’s work so important, on this story and so much more of his work (just for starters, a recent set of images from New Orleans under Gustav and Obama’s speech at the DNC), is his incredible insight into visual politics, the history of photography and a very informed opinion about the events of the day. Chin’s work is the opposite of ‘parachute journalism’; he knows very much what he is doing. His work is subtle, and took me more than a while to fully grasp what he is going for in much of his work, but I see him as a foremost figure in intelligent and insightful photos. Right up there with Thomas Dworzak, who has recently blown me away with his work from Georgia. Check out his Magnum in Motion piece “A Georgian Diary”. Reminiscent of Telex Iran, no?

Lastly, a worthy bookmark: BAGnewsNotes’ page for Social Photograph/Photojournalism.

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    […] On the other hand, this is a must see: photographer Alan Chin at McCain/Palin Rally over at BAGNewsnotes. This is a smart photographer, on a very smart blog. (I wrote about him earlier, here). […]

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